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Jun. 22nd, 2010 | 08:16 pm
posted by: 9hundred13 in narutocrack

Hi, I just joined this community and I'm here to share some CRACK!

I have cross-posted on other communities and they are also on my FF Account , so I'm sorry if you've read these before.

Here they are-

Title: A Different Definition of Fun
Genre: Crack!
Main Characters: Naruto, Gaara, No pairings
WordCount: 1,000
Rating: Teen
Summary: When Naruto gathered everyone in order to see something spectacular and rare he didn't mean THIS!
Read it HERE


Title: Wrong Number
Genre: CRACK!
Main Characters: Sasuke and Naruto
Pairings: No Pairings
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Crude language, AU
Summary: Losing your phone is one thing. But accidentally swapping yours with a stranger... That's something else entirely and something much more horrifying.
Read itHERE

Thank you!

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