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FIC: Teacher and Emo Undercover

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Sep. 7th, 2010 | 01:31 pm
posted by: love_angel_love in narutocrack

This is my first time trying to do crack, and well, the first chapter of this is not that crackish but it will get to be more crack....really! I hope at least...maybe you all have ideas or something, drop them by, eh? Just wanted to share this fun story I started!! 

Teacher and Emo Undercover

Genre: general, humor

Pairings: SasuShika, NaruIno

Rating: R

Warnings: language, Slash, het, crack, AU, OOC

Summary: Shika has to deal with an Uchiha in love with his bestfriend, being hit on, kidnappers, cat fights and a rescue group full of high school drama! 

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