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n a r u t o ! c r a c k
Welcome to narutocrack! Here we shall fulfill your dailyevery other daily need for crack. [come on people, post more!]

Mods: cryboycry & ino_

c r a c k ? w h a t ' s c r a c k ?
Crack is parody, humor, and stuff thats funny, twisted, or just plain wrong. Crack comes in the form of drawings, fancomics, fanfics, altered screencaps etc...the only limit is your deranged imagination.

r u l e s !
01) Only crack of the Naruto-type is allowed.
02) The LJ-cut is your friend :D Use it well.
03) You may promote your community if it is Naruto related. Do NOT post links to shit you're selling on Ebay, because that's annoying.
04) Flaming is bad. Just don't :D

a f f i l i a t e s !
narutoaddme // pinkcrack
Contact cryboycry if you have a Naruto comm. and would like to affiliate :]

n a r u t o c o m m s !
Give one of the mods a ring if you would like to be listed here :D

p i m p u s !